Ensuring payroll compliance for an organisation with 3500+ employees



This organisation was using Oracle PeopleSoft and a payroll calculator to manage and pay 3500+ employees. They needed to replace the calculator, which was no longer supported, so they required an automated payroll calculation process that would integrate with the PeopleSoft system. It was also important to ensure that sensitive employee information was adequately secured when moving between systems.

Benefits for the Organisation
  • The automated payroll calculation process
    is seamless and requires limited human intervention
  • HR & payroll records are kept up to date and
    the company remains compliant with regulations
  • The system creates all the relevant payroll, tax and
    UIF reports as well as custom reports specific to the
    clientʼs requirements
  • Processes are secured through standard
    authentication and authorisation procedures and
    data is encrypted for further protection.