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Sage X3 Patching Process

Sage X3 Patching Process

To receive continued Sage X3 product support, all Sage X3 clients have to be upgraded to the latest Sage X3 Version 12, by January 2023.

As communicated by Sage, there will be no future version upgrades after V12, however patching will continue.
How will it work and what are the benefits of patching after Version 12?

    • As per the Sage roadmap, patches will be released each quarter (yearly)
    • These patches are cumulative, thus the patch that a client decides to integrate with at the time, will include all previous (missed) patches.
    • Thus, if a client decides not to integrate a patch, the next patch will include the previous release/s.
    • The client can use their own discretion on whether there is a need to integrate a patch or not
    • These patch upgrades will not be as costly as the version upgrades in the past

The patches will also have a life cycle and the client will be required to patch at least once a year

Important Note: If a client chooses not to stay within the Sage life cycle, they will not receive any new features, security or bug fixes and no product support from Sage once the version goes out of life cycle.

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