Business Process
Business process analysis and redesign, and avoiding customisations to mimic your old system, are predictors of ERP project success Engaging your stakeholders through collaboration and communication helps to ensure adoption and improves process design Business process analysis and redesign, and minimal customisation, are critical for ERP implementation success. In fact, Business process re-engineering and software [...]

With recent global events revealing how fragile the global trade links can be, it has become imperative that companies can react quickly to changes in supply. Could you trace the cause of a supply problem in your business and take corrective action? Today, consumers are also expecting more accountability from suppliers, to ensure that the […]

As a non-profit professional, the need to engage your donor base is now more crucial than ever, given new challenges in non-profit donations. As you put a lot of time and effort into each fundraising campaign that your organisation launches, you and your donors must have a method for accurately assessing your growth. Or else, […]


In the mission-driven non-profit world, accounting and financial management can sometimes slip down the priority list.  It’s not always easy to allocate budget to back office infrastructure that doesn’t directly support the non-profit agenda, and it’s even harder to find the time and expertise to make it all work.  Consider some of the obstacles: Capital […]


SIM is a project methodology and approach that is derived from the Agile project methodology and Lean thinking. Agile projects apply “Lean” concepts in the information technology environment with a focus on the following key concepts: Frequent inspection and adaptation A leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization, and accountability A set of engineering best practices […]


Digital transformation is the most complex and critical challenge for today’s supply chains. With global market forces and increasing market complexity, supply chain management is at a crossroads. The pressure caused by these forces is reshaping the linear supply chain model into one we call the intelligent supply chain. On the journey toward an intelligent […]