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Trefoil Success Story

SynergERP & Sage X3 get Trefoil’s stationery moving


Solution Choice

Before implementing any system in a business, key decision-makers must not only think about what the system can do for them today, but what it can do in the future. Find a system that will grow with your business and keep pace with the latest trends.

Trefoil, a wholesaler and distributor of stationery products, quickly realised as the business grew that it needed a solution to keep up with its growth. Switching to Sage X3, with SynergERP as its Sage partner, was the logical choice.

Benefits for the Organisation
  • The scalable and flexible nature of Sage X3 supports Trefoil’s current and
    future business requirements.
  • Improve visibility of stockholding and management per location.
  • Improved inventory management lead to a 40% reduction in overtime.

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