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A Modern ERP

The current climate poses colossal challenges for distribution companies around the world and an uncertain future.
However, digital infrastructure, platforms and tools are playing a huge part in equipping them to cope with current and future change.

Internally, one of the biggest challenges for distribution businesses is getting an end-to-end view of cost and performance.
With a modern ERP as your core system, you’ll be able to build real-time connections between warehouse, carriers, purchasing and sales.
This will help to provide accurate and timely data for making informed decisions.

Sage X3 for Distribution

Sage X3 is a modular and flexible system that can grow with your business, allowing you to work efficiently across all departments.
View the video for an overview of how it supports your distribution operations.

Get the best Return on Investment from your Distribution ERP

Freeing up working capital

The greatest opportunity to reduce costs lies in better inventory management.

Improvements in stock holding occur as a result of:

  • Real-time processing 
  • Better replenishment planning
  • Better analytics that highlight slow-moving or inactive inventory
  • Improved inventory accuracy

Cost Reduction

In your business you can look for opportunities to reduce your administrative costs by automating billings, purchasing and reporting.

There may be opportunities to achieve significant cost savings through:

  • Reductions in freight costs by improving on-time delivery
  • Better accountability and analysis of returned goods
  • Improved planning and scheduling based on the visibility of
    future customer orders
  • Eliminating manual accounting tasks that delay cash collection
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Implementing Intelligent Practices as a Supply Chain Leader

Business cloud applications such as ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence, enhanced with emerging technologies like AI, ML, data analytics, IoT and RPA, are helping companies to reimagine and modernise their operations. Together, these technologies are enabling proactive and agile supply chains, increased automation, data-driven e-commerce, and better cost management.

Emerging technologies converging together is where the real opportunities lie for intelligent supply chain management. A modern ERP such as Sage X3 simplifies integrations and provides real-time data. And, you gain actionable insights into operations.

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