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Deliver high quality products and services

Companies in the distribution and retail sectors need to deliver high quality products and services at a low cost in order to gain market share
and prosper. An ambitious goal, and to achieve this whilst maintaining customer satisfaction means companies must streamline processes,
adopt best practices and make use of innovative technologies. With the right solution you can gain real-time visibility across
your global supply chain and create transparency for all stakeholders. This visibility in turn allows for accurate forecasting,
optimised purchasing decisions and more efficient operations.

What’s Top of Mind for Distribution?

Inventory Optimisation

Ensuring you have the right product at the right time and in the right place

    Real-time Visibility

    Manage your entire distribution business from one solution and gain an overview of operations

      Customer Service

      Offer the best customer service in an evolving marketplace


        Offer new channels for engagement with your target market

          Sage X3 for Distribution

          Give all stakeholders access to real-time supply chain information.

          Benefits Distributors Gain by Using a Modern ERP

          With a modern solution from Sage you can get the most from your stock, improve customer service
          and get answers to your questions in an efficient and timely manner.

          Financial Management

          With improved financial visibility you can better manage accounts receivable, gross margin performance and working capital availability.


          Standardise purchasing processes across regions and ensure that your purchasing department is obtaining the best possible prices and volume discounts from suppliers.

          Inventory Management

          Real-time monitoring of inventory status and sales orders leads to improved purchasing and production planning.

          Sales & Customer Service

          Gain a global view of your customer database and have all the information your customers need at your fingertips. Quickly answer any questions around product, pricing and tracking.

          Find Out More About Sage X3 for Distribution

          Traceability with Sage X3

          Trace the source of your products and their journey through the supply chain.

          Enhancements for Distribution

          SynergERP has worked on a number of enhancements for our clients to streamline their distribution businesses. Some examples include:


          Foreign Exchange Management

          With this FEC module you can capture and track all foreign exchange contracts in your Sage ERP, allowing you to hedge against foreign purchase orders.


          Purchasing Workflows

          These ensure that once a purchase order is received the correct approvals take place.


          Advanced Purchase Costing

          This module enables clients to consolidate and manage the different costs associated with importing stock e.g. freight, custom duties, stock provisions and uplifts.


          Advanced WMS Screens

          Designed to make warehouse scanning devices as efficient as possible by removing the need to type information unless strictly necessary.


          Advanced Sales Screens

          These are best suited to clients with sales teams or departments that need to easily and quickly view and capture large amounts of sales information.

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