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Sage X3 Versions & Maintenance

View these documents to find out more information about the Sage X3 Roadmap:
Sage X3 – Strategic Roadmap 2020 R3, October 2020

Sage X3 – Lifecycle Policy

Is Sage X3 the solution for my business?

Sage X3 and Sage X3 HR are the perfect end-to-end business management solutions for medium to large enterprises.

It is ideal if your business:

  • Is operating in silos and you want to improve visibility and transparency across companies, sites and departments.
  • Is looking for a single version of the truth across companies, sites and departments.
  • Is duplicating efforts with manual interventions and little or no automation.
  • Is relying on Excel spreadsheets and has key man dependency in departments.
  • Is looking for actionable insights from data.
  • Is looking to embrace a mobile workforce and a cloud strategy.
  • Is struggling with accurate and efficient budgeting and forecasting.
  • Is looking to streamline intercompany dealings and stock optimisation across a group.
  • Has current ERP software that’s hindering growth and expansion.
  • Has a current system that does not cater for global expansion and struggles to manage multiple companies, sites, legislations, languages and currencies.
  • Needs to simplify human resource planning.
  • Wants to move towards a paperless environment.
  • Cannot effectively manage the full life cycle of an employee.

What does Sage X3 cost?

Sage X3 cannot be costed online, over the phone or at your first meeting. It is configured based on your unique business processes and requirements. At SynergERP, we collaborate with our clients during discovery workshops and in-depth meetings to first acquaint ourselves with your business. After this, we build a customised demo and draw up an accurate quote based on your requirements. There’s a sales methodology that seeks to understand your requirements first, presents value through the software and finally addresses costs.

NB: Our initial scoping workshops are absolutely free.

Why can I not work with Sage directly?

Sage is 100% channel-focused, meaning that business partners like SynergERP offer the services and support to roll out your Sage X3 solution. Sage ensures that their business partners are highly qualified and perform a quality assurance role during the project. Sage’s resources are spent on improving the software and not getting involved in the sales cycle.

If you’re interested in finding out more, browse through our case studies or download our brochure.

Alternatively, you can contact us and talk to one of our team members.


Awards & Accreditations

SynergERP has been an award-winning Sage Platinum Partner since 1993.


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