Turning Real-time Data into
Actionable Insights
#Distribution The Future of Distribution

Data and Digitisation in Distribution

For businesses to thrive in the digital economy requires alignment on key metrics such as customer satisfaction and value delivery. Measurement and reporting on these metrics allow every part of the business to see its role in the value chain.


Connectivity and Visibility

Connectivity and the ability to use data in new ways has resulted in a new era of supply chain visibility. With easy-to-use data and analytical capabilities, distributors can now better plan and forecast demand. These analytics also provide the information required to meet customer’s needs with innovative, value-added services.


The Future of Distribution                       

Download this eBook which explores :

  • Becoming a value-added distributor
  • Becoming a real-time distributor
  • Innovating with inventory
  • Challenges and what distribution businesses should do

The Way Forward

Distributors need to invest in a system that provides reliable, real-time data for analysis and deep insights, as well as ensure employees are trained to interpret the data. These actionable insights will make sure you remain competitive as global complexities and customer expectations increase.

From procurement to warehousing, sales to finance, Sage X3 provides the visibility you need to manage your distribution business

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