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Moving Beyond Inflexible Legacy Systems

Manufacturing businesses can now replace their legacy systems with modern business management solutions that support the challenges of globalisation - new channels to market, changing sources of supply and growing consumer expectations. Gain real-time visibility of your operational metrics to increased business efficiency.

What’s Top of Mind for Manufacturing?

Maintain Quality, Reduce Cost

Design and produce quality products at speed, and at a lower cost.


Be innovative so you can improve processes and meet growing customer expectations, while achieving all operational metrics.

Changes in Supply

Be agile, and ready for macro-economic and geo-political change that may disrupt the supply chain.


Be ready to comply with international standards, controlling quality and traceability of materials.

Sage X3
End-to-end Control

A Solution that Supports Manufacturers

Empowering You with a Modern Manufacturing Solution

With a modern solution from Sage, you can streamline processes to improve efficiency and productivity as well as optimise the supply chain. Easy access to information will also improve the coordination and collaboration among all stakeholders, from purchasing to customer service.

Financial Management

Improve your month-end reporting. Create consolidated financials using your HQ's local currency.


Standardise purchasing processes across regions and ensure that your purchasing department is obtaining the best possible prices and volume discounts from suppliers.

Customer Service

Gain a global view of your customer database, enabling regions to operate under the same guidelines. Enhance customer service through increased oversight and improved customer relationship management.

Inventory Management

With visibility into global inventory and the ability to adjust inventory levels for all sites, production control and manufacturing groups are able to monitor processes in real time.


Move to completely automated your manufacturing process. Access production processes, transactions and inventory in real time.

Sage X3

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Enhancements for Manufacturing

SynergERP has worked on a number of enhancements for our clients to streamline their manufacturing businesses. Some examples include:

Advanced Foward Exchange Contracts

With this FEC module you can capture and track all foreign exchange contracts in your Sage ERP, allowing you to hedge against foreign purchase orders.

Advanced Purchase Costing

This module enables clients to consolidate and manage the different costs associated with importing stock e.g. freight, custom duties, stock provisions.

Advanced WMS Screens

Designed to make warehouse scanning devices as efficient as possible by removing the need to type information unless strictly necessary.

Sage Inventory Advisor

SIA helps companies cut inventory costs by reducing excess inventory and freeing up working capital, while minimising stock-outs and maximising revenue.

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