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HR & Payroll Solutions

Optimise workforce and HR efficiency with dashboards for the management team and self-service capabilities for employees.
Gain valuable HR insights so you know how to best develop your employees and build a collaborative environment.

The Best HR, Payroll & Employee Self-service Solution Will:


Simplify Employee Management

Providing one centralised database for employee records, performance management and skills information.


Integrate into Your Financial System

Ensuring a precise pay run and business compliance.



To own their personal data through self-services, with minimal intervention from HR.


Free up the HR Team

Allowing them to focus on career planning and other strategic initiatives.


Grow withYour Business

A flexible solution that scales up or down with your business as your requirements change.


Provide HR Insights

Deliver HR decision-making information through powerful reporting.

Your Solution

HR & Payroll from Sage

No matter the size of your business, Sage has the perfect HR & Payroll solution for you
Automated updates ensure your business is always up to date with tax legislation and regulatory requirements.

Your Business

Medium to large organisations
200-5000 employees
Require Payroll, HR Management and Employee Self-Service
Choose between a local or hosted installation

Core Solution

Sage 300 People

Sage 300 People offers unlimited companies, hierarchies, employees, pay period configurations and runs; unlimited definitions for earning.

  • Payroll functionality:
    – Advanced job costing
    – GL integration
  • Advanced HR functionality including:- Performance management
    – Job and position management
    – Define skills required and manage development plans
    – Monitor employee equity targets and print labour department reports
    – Leave management
    – Build an Org Chart with open positions
  • Territories supported: Africa & Asia
  • Unlimited customisable reporting options
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Simplify your people management with a full HR, Payroll and Employee Self-service solution.
Visit the Sage 300 People Page for further information.

Your Business

Small to medium size businesses
Best for businesses with up to 250 employees
A true cloud solution that includes payroll, personnel management and Sage Self Service.
A hosted solution secured by Sage.

Core Solution

SBC Payroll Professional

  • Automatic legislative updates, ensure you’re compliant
  • User-friendly standard reports including country-specific statutory reports
    and legislative reports. Plus, up to seven customisable reporting options
  • Using Sage Self Service employees can submit documents,
    update personal details and view payslips
  • Supported in Africa Countries
  • Payslips in English and one alternative language
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Stay on top of your legislative and employee changes with a simple payroll & personnel management solution. Visit the Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional page for further information.

Find out more about Sage 300 People

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