Gain visibility of your key metrics
and improve project profitability
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Research has shown that service companies that have access to real-time project costing show an improvement in profitability.

By investing in a financial management solution with an open architecture you will be able to integrate with project and HR systems, making all project-related information available for planning and reporting. Having access to all data from the full project life cycle will in turn help to simplify resource management, expense tracking and the billing processes.

What's Top of Mind for Professional Services?


Automation & Integration

Automate project accounting and accelerate time-and-expense processes. Integrate project, billing & HR systems to simplify project management.


Tracking Performance

Obtain a financial overview per project or service, so you can tracking key metrics to improve profitability.


Enabling Virtual Teams

With people and projects often spread across multiple sites, it's crucial to keep everyone working from the same information source, and with tools for real-time collaboration.


Customer Satisfaction

Embrace cloud and mobile technologies to deliver a world-class service to clients and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

White Paper

6 Key Metrics for Professional Services Organizations

Take the Sage Intacct Product Tour for Project Financial Management

Discover how Sage Intacct will help you to track your projects and capture project costs in real-time.

Empowering You with a Modern Solution for Professional Services

With a smarter business solution from Sage you can focus on clients, not admin.

Automate and streamline processes

to improve efficiency and reduce time spent on manual tasks. Set workflows and notifications to ensure that everyone sticks to the correct procedures.

Multi-dimensional analysis

of key metrics provides real-time visibility of project progress and revenue. Providing you the information to make adjustments and improve project profitability.

Open architecture for easy integration

Speak to SynergERP to find out how intelligent automations such as actionable emails, can bring system data directly to the user.

Easily manage multiple entities

and global consolidations, as the complexities in your business change. Collaborate across divisions, countries, languages and legislations.

Enhancements for Professional Services

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