Sage Intacct Planning

Budgeting & Planning for small to medium size businesses.
Avoid the following challenges of an Excel plan:

  • Multiple versions
  • No security of data
  • Formula errors
Sage Intacct Planning Overview Video

How Sage Intacct Planning Makes Your Life Easier

Say goodbye to your unwieldy, outdated spreadsheets and hello to Sage Intacct Planning! This cloud solution offers intuitive real-time plans that are secure and reliable — no more manual tweaking or complicated calculations required. Unlock the power of single-source planning today with Sage Intacct Planning.

Watch the overview video to find out more.

SIP Benefits for the Business

  • Use the intelligent planning wizard for a quick plan setup
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Work in one cloud-based application, on one plan
  • Update in minutes
  • Security means only the right people see the relevant data
  • Run “what if” scenarios on the fly
  • See the full financial picture - not just the annual budget, but forecast numbers too

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