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Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) is the only purpose-built, cloud native ERP that simplifies complex business processes by incorporating the best practices of thousands of customers, hundreds of partners, and decades of earning trust.

Innovate with SDMO

Achieve New Levels of Resiliency and Competitiveness

SDMO provides small and mid-sized distributors and discrete manufacturers an easy-to-use, purpose built, cloud-native ERP.
SDMO serves as a gateway to the agility of cloud.
SDMO extends the power of the Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional accounting.


How SDMO Transforms Your Operations

Cloud Based ERP Solution
  • Seamless Integration:
    Utilise SDMO’s open-API framework to effortlessly integrate with best-in-class applications. This ensures your business is always ready to adopt the latest technological advancements.
  • Strategic Relationships:
    Use your data intelligently to transform your relationships with customers and suppliers from purely transactional to deeply strategic. This shift not only helps you retain your customer base but also provides a significant competitive edge.
  • Operational Peace of Mind:
    Eliminate the hassle of managing servers and dealing with disruptive upgrades, backups, and security concerns. With SDMO, enjoy uptime guarantees, seamless upgrades, robust security, and the flexibility of anywhere/anytime productivity.

Key Features of SDMO

Buy & Put Away

Simplify your procurement and inventory management with intelligent solutions which accelerate purchasing decisions and track stock levels. From the purchasing planning page create one supplier order from multiple orders to streamline the purchasing process.

Make & Assemble

Streamline your production processes with tools designed to improve efficiency and control. From procurement to assembly line management, SDMO ensures your manufacturing operations are optimised for peak performance.

Sell & Distribute

Connect your sales team with current sales order information to improve customer interactions. Modernise best practices throughout your entire sales cycle from receiving orders to shipping goods and managing returns.

Move & Store

Use real-time data and user-defined alerts to manage and maintain inventory across the full lifecycle.

Design Items

Design with cost visibility and establish cost controls down to a bill of material and routing level.

Accounting & Financial Management

Providing exceptional distribution and manufacturing capabilities while ensuring seamless general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable journal and bill transfers.

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SDMO – Distribution Operations

SDMO – Distribution Operations
  • Controlled distribution processes including approval processes
  • Simple and automated communication with vendors and customers through workflows
  • Comprehensive inventory management including location, batch number, serial number management
  • Flexible capabilities to address requirements from simple local to complex international trade
  • Detailed inventory tracking and traceability
  • AI-powered process automation

SDMO – Manufacturing Operations

SDMO Manufacturing Operations
  • Accurate design of bill of materials and planning
  • Comprehensive list of manufacturing resources including labour, machine and tool
  • Flexible definition of routings to adapt to any manufacturing process
  • Increased profitability through detailed cost analysis
  • Automated processes with back-to-back order management
  • Execute multiple manufacturing operations with assembly, full manufacturing and rework orders