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Ensuring People, Processes & Systems Work Together Effectively.

Gain insights into your workflows, and build efficient processes and accurate outcomes.


Don’t know where to start with process optimisation?

Process consulting can be done as a one-off project with no further obligations. We do however recommend that evaluation is done regularly to experience continuous improvement and sustained benefits.

Ask these questions:

  • What tasks are time-consuming?
  • Are you doing mundane, manual tasks over and over again?
  • Is a process dependent on one person, resulting in a delay if they are not available?
  • Do you spend time moving data between systems?

Steps in a Process Optimisation Project

Business Process Analysis (BPA)

BPA captures a comprehensive view of your current process ecosystem. It looks at your current workflows and identifies their goals and outputs. It is important to understand why a process exists and how it aligns with the overall strategy of the business.

The analysis looks at all role-players involved in, and dependent on, each process. We evaluate the frequency, concurrency and timing of the processes. Last but not least, the systems and tools used during the process are reviewed.

BPA determines the baseline for performance and ensures any changes made will streamline the right workflow in the best way. The last thing you want to do is end up automating an inefficient process.

Process Mapping

Process mapping is a visual representation of processes to easily identify opportunities for improvement. The mapping assists in ensuring that each step in a process is aligned to deliver the expected result.

A process map makes it easy to identify problem areas, inefficiencies and tasks that do not add any value. This can include bottlenecks, duplications, delays and rework.

The process mapping has a myriad of uses for example:

  • training users and increasing their understanding of a process,
  • standardising tasks and processes across a team and,
  • testing various scenarios in a process.

Insights Report & Recommendation

After we have analysed and mapped your processes, we create an insights report. This report provides a clear roadmap for how your current processes can be optimised.

The roadmap starts with small quick wins that can be easily implemented and extend to a true digital transformed state where your people and systems work side by side to deliver the best outcomes.

This report can be used to build a business case for the investments in optimisations and will also be the foundation for the projects that implement these improvements.

Roll-out solution & monitor effectiveness

We measure success in 2 ways:

  1. Process success: for example, the trial balance is closed off on time, apportionment is calculated, reviewed, signed off, on-charged and reconciled within 2 days with no errors or rework required.
  2. Outcome success: for example, all relevant expenses are on-charged in the correct ratios to each company and all inter-company accounts balance after on-charge and reallocations.