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Integration Services & Intelligent Automation


Tools to Improve Productivity

We’re firm believers that ‘digital transformation’ doesn’t happen through an ERP or HCM implementation alone, it’s about leveraging several technologies that enhance and complement one another.

To support our goal, we have adopted several Automation and Integration tools that can enhance your efficiency. We use a blanket term for these applications – SynergAutomate.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA, also known as ‘bot’, technology, is software-based code that can be easily programmed to do basic, repetitive tasks across applications. By ’employing’ bot technology, we’re looking to free your employees of repetitive tasks so you can allocate their time to areas of the organisation where they can add more value.


  • Free up resources from repetitive tasks
  • Greater capability & scale
  • Speed & accuracy
  • Suits rule-based tasks

Use Cases

  • AP/AR Processes
  • Month-end closing
  • Expense claim process
  • P&L Reporting
  • & many more!

Integration Services

Our integration Services enable rapid addition of integration points (API’s) provided by other systems or created via our platform. This approach means that we can build integrations quickly and cost effectively.


  • No need to manually update between systems
  • Improves the accuracy of data
  • Connect systems, applications, and ensure services work together seamlessly

Use Cases

  • Connect your ERP to supplier systems for real-time supply information
  • Connect the time & attendance system to your HR system – and many more!

SynergAutomate product portfolio

The product portfolio is a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge technologies. It covers various levels of automation and AI advancements, catering to the dynamic requirements of organizations spanning diverse industries. Each of our solutions is meticulously crafted to meet specific business needs and drive operational efficiency. These technologies include. 

Actionable Messaging
Our Actionable Messaging solution empowers organisations to create interactive and engaging communication channels, enabling recipients to take immediate actions directly from their messages.

Take action in your messaging application without logging into the ERP system.

AP Payment Automation
Our AP Payment Automation module automates payment requests based on predefined custom criteria, simplifying and optimizing the accounts payable process.
Banking Automation
The Banking Automation tool streamlines financial operations by pulling daily bank statements directly from financial institutions and seamlessly integrating them into an ERP systems – no need for user intervention.
File Transfer Protocol
We provide secure and efficient File Transfer Protocol (FTP) solutions for seamless data exchange and collaboration.
Optical Character Recognition
Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution transforms scanned documents and images into editable, searchable digital files. It helps to streamline your document management processes.
Web Portals or Overlay Screens
Customised web-based portals and overlay screens enhance the user experience and streamline data entry. Information can be captured in core systems without needing to give direct access to these systems.
Web Navigation Chatbot
An AI-powered ChatBot designed to enhance web navigation. It offers 24/7 guidance, personalszation, and data security, streamlining interactions and reducing support costs.

Customisable to match your branding, it’s the future of user-friendly website navigation.

Puppeteer Bot Automations
Puppeteer Bots navigate and interact with online platforms, performing tasks such as data scraping, form filling, and report generation. They enhance automation potential across digital environments.