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Industry-specific Solutions

Solutions that meet your specific requirements

Whether you’re creating and distributing a product or offering a service, SynergERP can assist you to optimise your business.


Product Centric

The digital revolution has come in the form of Industry 4.0, where smart technology allows businesses to produce higher-quality goods at a lower cost. It allows the virtual and physical worlds to integrate, bringing forth innovation and powerful new ways of working.


With real-time visibility throughout the production cycle, you can reduce material, inventory and labour costs and improve productivity.


Develop a responsive supply chain and achieve operational efficiency so that you can deliver the right products, at the right price, to the right customer.

Food & Beverage

Introducing technological in F&B will help you to reduce costs and remain competitive, and it also provides the analytics for demand forecasting and vendor evaluation.


Service Centric

At last – smarter business solutions that let you focus on clients, not admin.

Financial Services

By adopting new technologies, Financial Services companies are seeing improvements in strategic planning, reporting and data governance, as well as customer experience. Choose a solution that gives you the flexibility to adopt new business models and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Professional Services

Gain visibility into inefficiencies and project profitability. Streamline processes so you can improve productivity and offer a quality service.

Non Profit

Automate financial processes and, track and report on your key metrics. Improve your donor management and compliance reporting.