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30 Years of Excellence in Elevating Businesses with Unparalleled Technological Solutions

Embark on a transformative digital journey with SynergERP, a distinguished Sage Platinum Partner with an 30-year track record. We’re not just a technology provider; we’re your partner in driving financial and operational success. Experience our unique blend of business acumen and technological expertise, as we guide you to the best software solutions, tailored to your needs.

Sage Partner

Solution Enhancements for ERP
30+ Years of Excellence

Our People and Partnerships

Choose SynergERP and watch your business soar to new heights through our  cutting-edge solutions. Let us be your trusted ally in the world of digital transformation.

  • Trusted Partnerships:
    Celebrating 30 years of partnership with Sage and recognised in the Sage CEO Circle awards for three consecutive years.
  • Dedicated Expertise:
    Backed by top graduates and a management team boasting 30+ years in solution implementation.
  • Global Presence:
    Offices in Johannesburg and Dubai to serve our clients who operate globally.
  • Comprehensive Support:
    Our dedicated team ensures the longevity and success of your business software implementations.
  • Innovative Approach:
    Through our unique agile methodology, we guarantee timely, budget-friendly, and highly functional solutions for every business need.
  • SAICA Partnership:
    We’ve built an environment for top graduates to thrive and become trusted business software consultants, with the support of a highly experienced management team.
Success Stories
SAICA Partnership
As a SAICA training office, we recruit newly qualified chartered accountants. The benefit to our clients is that these consultants have a strong understanding of business and finance, and the ability to translate both into a software implementation.
Graduate Programme
Our Graduate programme recruits excellent, qualified developers. They are trained to translate a business requirement into a software solution.
Certified Consultants
SynergERP certified consultants are some of the most highly skilled in our region. Together with our team of global developers, our implementation projects are 100% managed and coordinated in-house.

Leadership Team

Ashley Regenass
Ashley Regenass
Fritz-Jan van der Westhuizen
Fritz-Jan van der Westhuizen CA(SA)
Chief Technology Officer
Frans du Toit
Frans du Toit
Operations Manager

Our Approach

Solution Fit for Purpose

We strive to understand your business processes and unique software requirements before presenting a solution. Our approach is collaborative, agile and iterative, meaning we identify and manage potential obstacles early in the process.

Sales Methodology

Our sales team ensures that we equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision around your software choice. From the early exploratory sessions, to the deep dive discovery sessions, we tailor our demonstrations to show how a solution will meet your functional requirements.

Seamless Engagement

We aim to provide our clients with a seamless transition from the sales engagement to project completion. Our fixed cost project approach is transparent, so there are no surprises regarding project costing and deliverables.

Project Team
Agile Hybrid Approach

Project Methodology

Through our agile implementation methodology, our projects get delivered on time, within budget and with the functionality that fits the client’s requirements.

  • We focus on business-critical processes and create the best design to take the business forward.
  • We deliver on time using a parallel development process. We ensure skills transfer through an early and ongoing engagement of the end-users.
  • We deliver within budget by eliminating costly rework and non-value adding activities.

Hosting and Support

Cloud & Infrastructure
Through our Cloud & Infrastructure division, we can support any IT requirements (hardware and infrastructure) in order to deploy your solution successfully and ensure that it’s running at optimal level.
Managed Services
We offer support long after your software is deployed through a Managed Services contract that guarantees you a fixed number of hours in a month which you can accumulate for any enhancements in your environment.
Sage Platinum Partner

Software Partnerships

Sage Partner

As a trusted Sage Platinum Partner, we’re closely aligned with Sage and are always up to date with the latest initiative. We implemented the first Sage X3 site in Africa and were recognised for 3 consecutive years in the Sage CEO Circle awards – the only Africa & Middle East partner presented with this prestigious accolade. SynergERP also engages with the wider Sage ecosystem of marketplace partners to offer complementary solutions that enhance the core system.

Turnkey Solutions

Improving efficiencies through technology

We are firm believers that ‘digital transformation’ doesn’t happen through a single software implementation alone, it’s about leveraging several technologies that enhance and complement one another.

Exponential Improvements
Each technology represents a benefit to our customers, but the combination of these technologies increases exponentially > 1 + 1 = 3
Automation & Integration
To support our goal, we have adopted several Automation and Integration tools that can enhance your efficiency.
Optimise Productivity
We combine the software and intelligent automation required to optimise your company’s productivity.