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Solution Enhancements for HR

Solution Enhancements for ERP

Complementary Solutions for HR & Payroll

We recognise applications do not always meet very specific client requirements which is why we partner with best-in-breed companies.
We offer a number of integrated, complementary solutions for your core HR & Payroll system.


B-BBEE Compliance Management

People, training and procurement data flow seamlessly from Sage software into Mpowered’s B‐BBEE software. Mpowered’s Digital Audit Partner program offers a completely digital B‐BBEE verification preparation and scorecard audit process.


New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies provides learning software and end-to-end learning services to corporations, training companies and educational institutions throughout Africa and the Middle East. Its products include a range of cutting-edge solutions, aiming to create holistic e-learning experiences.

Employer Loans & Advances


Staff loans can be an administrative nightmare to manage because they require robust systems, processes and policies. Advances can also impact the company’s cash flow. Simplify the employee loan process for your company and your employees with TymeAdvance.

TymeAdvance Benefits

  • A quick, safe and affordable way to access funds.
    This is especially true for employees with poor credit records.
  • This is not a credit product, so it does not require risk assessments and avoids the bad debts which are both big cost drivers for other lenders.
  • TymeAdvance uses payroll data, a payroll integration and payroll deductions to eliminate operational costs through automation.
  • Tymebank will float the money for the employee and then the amount is paid back to the bank once the payroll is finalised. So, this does not cost the company anything and does not impact your cash flow.
TymeAdvance Benefits Visual (1)

Applicant Tracking System

fancyboxBy combining a Sage HR & Payroll solution with SimplifyHR you have a complete solution for human resource management.
These software applications cover the full employee life cycle from recruitment to onboarding, payroll to employee self-service.

Benefits of the platform

  • Manage CV distribution, job offers and candidate placements with ease.
  • Visual hiring pipelines give a quick overview of your current hiring status.
  • Candidate profiles – all the heavy lifting is done for you.
  • Candidate Timelines present a snapshot view of all interactions with prospective hires
  • Comprehensive reporting