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Modern Solutions for Non-profit Organisations

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Move Your Mission Forward

With tight budgets and a need to diversify funding streams, NPOs big and small want to make their money work harder to support their top priorities.

Let us introduce you to modern technology solutions that will help you to make sure your funds are maximised and used effectively.

What’s Top of Mind for NPOs?

Report Fund Management
Automation Automating Manual Tasks
Impact Metrics
Compliance Compliance Reporting
Global Global Management
Financial Management

Empowering You with a Modern Solution

Sage Intacct streamlines accounting while delivering real-time visibility into the metrics that matter.
This modern open cloud solution, gives nonprofits the connectivity, visibility and efficiency they need to do more with less.

Streamline Accounting
Simplify grant, fund, project and donor accounting. Free up your resources time to focus on strategic initiatives.
Gain Real-time Financial Visibility
Track the progress of your projects and provide transparency to all stakeholders.
Modern Cloud Solution
Access your information anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with ease.
Improved compliance
Audit tracking and real-time visibility of operations help you to ensure that the business is complying with legislative and regulatory requirements.
Report Back to Donors
Show donors the impact the organisation is making to encourage repeat gifting.
Complementary Solution

An integrated HR, Payroll and Employee self-service solution

Should your Nonprofit organisation require a people management solution to simplify the capture of employee data and salary payments, consider Sage 300 People which will easily integrate with your core financial system from Sage.

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Discover how you can use your key performance metrics to tell your story and motivate donors.

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