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Integration Services & Intelligent Automation That Improve Productivity


Tools to Improve Productivity

We’re firm believers that ‘digital transformation’ doesn’t happen through an ERP or HCM implementation alone, it’s about leveraging several technologies that enhance and complement one another.

To support our goal, we have adopted several Automation and Integration tools that can enhance your efficiency. We use a blanket term for these applications – SynergAutomate.


Actionable Emails

With Actionable Emails* we can embed actions in an email – whether you need a user to input data, approve a request, or update a transaction. Users will receive an email that they work inside of without having to log into the system in question. The Actionable Email designer is flexible both in terms of what is embedded in the message to the users as well as what the user is expected to capture.
*Currently only available for Office 365, using Outlook.


  • Use this as a prompt for users, bring the system to the user
  • Improved user interface and user experience
  • Works in real-time with full audit trail
  • Simplify approvals

Use Cases

  • Timesheet capture
  • Approvals
  • Production tracking
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Apply in any business area or process

Robotic Process Automation

RPA, also known as ‘bot’, technology, is software-based code that can be easily programmed to do basic, repetitive tasks across applications. By ’employing’ bot technology, we’re looking to free your employees of repetitive tasks so you can allocate their time to areas of the organisation where they can add more value.


  • Free up resources from repetitive tasks
  • Greater capability & scale
  • Speed & accuracy
  • Suits rule-based tasks

Use Cases

  • AP/AR Processes
  • Month-end closing
  • Expense claim process
  • P&L Reporting

Integration Services

Our integration Services enable rapid addition of integration points (API’s) provided by other systems or created via our platform. This approach means that we can build integrations quickly and cost effectively.


  • No need to manually update between systems
  • Improves the accuracy of data
  • Connect systems, applications, and ensure services work together seamlessly

Use Cases

  • Connect your ERP to supplier systems for real-time supply information
  • Connect the time & attendance system to your HR system – and many more!