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Sage Intacct

A true cloud solution and best-in-class financial platform, Sage Intacct increases efficiency and provides rich financial reporting. Automating your processes so you can run your day-to-day business better, and giving you greater insight – so you can make confident strategic decisions, then act fast to execute changes.

Sage Intacct
Why Sage Intacct

Best-in-class Cloud Financials

Because Sage Intacct is a cloud-native solution, you do not have to worry about managing the infrastructure required to support the application. Sage Intacct provides everything you need as part of the subscription fee. All you need is a web browser.

Get all the accounting features you need to manage your company’s finances
Make data-driven decisions with real-time reporting and dashboards
Accelerate your finance team’s productivity by 40% or more
Quickly scale up or down as needed with flexible cloud functionality
Achieve an average 250% ROI and payback in less than 6 months
Automate complex processes and cut up to 79% of your close time

Enjoy the commitment offered in the Sage Buy with Confidence program and read more about  Sage Intacct data security.

Improved Efficiency
By streamlining and automating processes through Sage Intacct, tasks can be completed more quickly and with fewer manual interventions.

Faster Decision-Making
A shorter time to close means that decision-makers have access to up-to-date and accurate data, allowing them to make informed decisions more promptly.

Cost Savings
Reduced time to close can lead to cost savings by decreasing the amount of labour required to perform tasks and potentially reducing errors.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Faster order processing and response times can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Sage Intacct In Your Industry

Sage Intacct is finance-focused and ideal for medium to large organisations primarily operating in service-centric industries, that have limited involvement in distributing or manufacturing* goods as part of their service offerings:

  • Financial Services
  • Projects Business
  • Hospitality
  • Software & SaaS
  • Non Profits
  • Healthcare

*Sage X3 is better suited for the manufacturing industry. Businesses with complex manufacturing needs should pick this solution.

Sage Intacct Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Compared to other cloud accounting peers, Sage Intacct has the highest scores on:

  • Satisfaction
  • Product Direction
  • New Promoter Score
Top Rated

Satisfaction rating of 98 out 100 on G2 Crowd – higher than any other ERP vendor.
Based on 2,000+ independent and verified reviews.
Named 2018 Top Rated Enterprise Resource Planning Solution by TrustRadius.

Core Financials Management Platform

Track and view payments, approvals, and reports—anytime, anywhere. Streamline processes across the Accounts Payable cycle with this functionality:

  • Workflows and approvals which are easy to create
  • Predefined defaults – pay the correct amounts and take advantage of discounts
  • Integrations to other business functions, reduce data re-entry
  • Reports on vendors, aging, or payments
  • Approval alerts and messages

Automate the invoicing and collections process, and offer more payment options, so you get paid faster.
Generate recurring invoices for easy subscription management, attach customer documents to transactions for better recordkeeping, and more.

  • Achieve healthier cash flows by shortening payment cycles
  • Ensure painless collections with automated collection notices
  • Easily integrate with order management

Sage Intacct cash management shows you all payments and transactions across all bank accounts, and credit cards, as well as across locations and entities.

  • Gain a complete picture of your company’s funds and working capital
  • Strengthen controls by automating complex cash-management processes
  • In addition, streamlining the payments process will save you hours

Multiple entities, currencies, geographies – consolidate it all in minutes. Automate currency conversions, and get consolidated financial statements without waiting for month-end. Close your books in stages for a more efficient period end.

  • User-defined books let you easily report on a tax basis or on any country-specific standard.
  • Highly flexible financial and business reporting, track performance by multiple financial accounting standards
  • Easy multi-currency and multi-entity management
  • Stay agile, a no-coding interface means you can easily manage user configurations and tailor GL workflows
  • Accelerate closing, increase efficiency at month-end by closing the sub-ledgers that are ready while leaving other open as needed

Sage Intacct order management software is sophisticated enough to handle higher order volumes, order processing complexity, and pricing structures.

  • Reduce costs by automating more steps in the order management cycle
  • Improve customer satisfaction by getting sales and finance on the same page
  • Increase profits with insights into the true drivers of business performance

Increase purchasing speed, accuracy and efficiency. At the same time, Sage Intacct’s comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting tools lets you monitor budget vs. actuals, analyse costs, and gain visibility into your entire procure-to-pay cycle.

  • Increase accuracy, automate purchasing transactions, data entry, and approvals
  • Gain real-time information about vendors, orders, and other purchasing information
  • Improve control, with tailored purchasing management workflows

Additional Modules

  • Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations 
  • Multi-tax Compliance
  • Contract Subscription Billing 
  • Contract Revenue Management 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Project Accounting 
  • Fixed Assets 
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Grants Tracking and Billing
  • CRM Integration
Solution Enhancements

Extend The Power Of Sage Intacct

View these additional financial management modules from Sage:

Visit our solution enhancement page for  advanced modules and marketplace solutions for Sage Intacct accounting software.

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