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Sage Intelligent Time

When you rely on timesheets to drive billing.


How Sage Intelligent Time Makes Your Life Easier

Improve Your Timesheet Management with an AI-powered Time Entry System.

With Sage Intelligent Time integrated into the cloud-based ERP of Sage Intacct, you can go beyond traditional timesheet tracking. Powered by AI technology, this revolutionary tool will let you take a proactive approach to managing your team’s time and resources!

A digital assistant gathers all timesheet-related activities for the employee and presents them for review. The employee then drags and drops the relevant items onto their timesheet.

With a better time capture process you can avoid:

  • Lost resource utilisation
  • Revenue leakage
  • Delays in timesheet submission and financial reporting

Benefits for the Business

  • Saves the employees time spent on the timesheets
  • The Finance team spends less time correcting timesheets
  • Profitability increases as every minute of billable time is collected
  • Accurate project costs allow the business to bill on time
  • Increased utilisation of resources
  • Provides better intelligence on projects so that project managers can make smart financial decisions about their projects.

Watch the webinar to find out more details about Sage Intelligent Time.