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Advancing IT Distribution with Sage X3

In the rapidly evolving world of digital technologies, Sage X3 is a catalyst for transformation.
A large distributor offering a comprehensive portfolio of digital products across Africa has a
Sage X3 success story that exemplifies this transformation.

A Multi-Faceted Challenge

For management teams in distribution and manufacturing, the thought of migrating to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be daunting. Yet, for this distributor, the decision to adopt Sage X3 was driven by its ambitious vision to advance operational efficiencies, decision-making accuracy, and multinational scalability – all while simplifying the IT architecture and ensuring reduced lifetime costs.

Why Sage X3 Stood Out

This distributor’s  pre-requisites for a new ERP were substantial. The software needed to manage complex group
structures and high transaction volumes. They also experienced various region-specific challenges including inconsistent WiFi connectivity in certain parts of Africa. Additionally, they required software adaptable enough to accommodate multiple business units and suppliers without compromising standardisation and scalability.

Sage X3 emerged as the clear choice thanks to its competitive mid-market pricing, inherent flexibility to meet specific distribution requirements, steadfast support in the African region, and the ease with which it could be integrated into future digital frameworks.

Impressive Functionality and Expertise

The core modules of Sage X3 serve the essential functions of finance, purchasing, sales, inventory and customer support as required. What stands out is not just the ERP’s functionality, but also Sage’s long-term commitment to developing their business management systems.

Partnering with SynergERP, a Sage partner with over three decades of experience, offered a consulting edge when it came to addressing distributor’s complex requirements. SynergERP and the client project team took a detailed approach to managing everything from implementation to training, creating a forward-thinking planning process.

“The project set the bar on what is
possible – a proper team effort!
This gives us great confidence to
advance our digital strategy further.”
– Distribution CEO

A Success Story in Metrics

The Sage X3 solution is able to handle the client’s 7000 invoices per month while managing 2700+ stock
items across different warehouses, companies and regions.

These metrics are a compelling testament to Sage X3’s impact and scalability for complex business requirements. This client has implemented over 1,000+ change requests, highlighting the remarkable customisation capabilities of Sage X3 – making it a perfect fit for a distributor’s dynamic needs.

Following the holding company’s purchase of another IT business, the client faced the task of integrating their systems with the warehouse management system in the new business.

Warehouse activites – from the issuing of picking tickets to the generation of delivery notes – need to be managed across two warehouse locations, while still managing the stock and invoicing in one central ERP.

The Road Ahead

The business has recently upgraded to Sage X3 Version 12 which offers a scalable API framework.
The open-source GraphQL query language in Version 12 allows new capabilities to be quickly developed and delivered.

Leveraging the open architecture of the Sage X3 platform, the client integrated Sage X3 with Netstock for precision stock forecasting. Through integrations with ZAP and Power BI they gained enhanced data management and analysis.

Sage X3’s open architecture is more than a solution for current challenges—it’s a promise of adaptability for the future.

Sage X3 Modules Implemented:

• Financial Management
• Fixed Assets
• Purchasing
• Inventory Managment
• Sales Management
• Customer Support

Speak to SynergERP today to find out how Sage X3 can move your business forward.

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