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Dimensional Accounting at a Non-profit

A real-life example of improved reporting and simplicity

Ashley Regenass, CEO of SynergERP, relates the following example of how a Not-for-Profit (NFP) customer has deployed Dimensional Accounting with Sage Intacct to provide greater transparency to their donors while improving their insight into performance.

One of the most important things that non-profits must do is provide transparent and accurate reporting to donors to ensure continued funding. Dimensional Accounting has helped this organisation to achieve that, and at the same time increasing their insight into organisational performance and spending.

Donors can be quite specific about how funding should be spent. They might say, out of the US $10 million that we’re giving to you, $2 million must go on HIV education, $5 million on the TB vaccination program in specified areas, and $3 million on feeding schemes.

What we’ve effectively done with Dimensional Accounting is reduce nearly 45000 project-related accounts to about 45, and then we added dimensions for Project, Region and Manager.

Those dimensions provide all the reporting flexibility that they need with just those 45 accounts, compared to the thousands they had to manage previously while simplifying transaction processing.

As a result, they can manage the non-profit organisation better, while ensuring that donors are satisfied that their funding is well managed and spent according to their directives.

If you’d like more information regarding Dimensional Accounting and Sage solutions, please contact us.

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