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Motivating Donors with Performance Reporting

As a non-profit professional, the need to engage your donor base is now more crucial than ever, given new challenges in non-profit donations. As you put a lot of time and effort into each fundraising campaign that your organisation launches, you and your donors must have a method for accurately assessing your growth. Or else, evaluating your accomplishments and weaknesses, then applying those learnings to future campaigns becomes practically impossible.

What Exactly Are Non-Profit Performance Metrics?

These are measurable values that show how well a non-profit is meeting its main objectives. Non-profit performance metrics are also called “non-profit fundraising metrics,” because they are inextricably linked to fundraising.

You may use these metrics at multiple levels to assess your success in meeting goals. “High level” metrics are broad in scope and concentrate on overall performance, whereas “low level” metrics are more specific.

How Important Is Your Performance to Donors?

While your donors constantly give, they may express dissatisfaction with the organisation’s existing amount of transparency. Donors are now demanding more information about what is happening with their funds. If this is something you are facing right now, an accreditation system can be a valuable tool for sustaining public trust and confidence in your organisation.

This is where the Sage Intacct solution comes into play!

With Sage Intacct you can track and measure your key metrics and report on them, creating visibility for your organisation and donors. The benefits of this reporting include:

  • Providing a large amount of accurate information about your company.
  • Giving your donors the ability to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions.
    Taking the guesswork out of determining success.
  • Helping your organisation to know which strategies are effective and which are not.

The Sage Intacct team has a deep understanding of the non-profit sector. They use this knowledge to help non-profits develop reports which can be used to tell their story, explaining how their current performance aligns with their mission. This information, in turn, helps to motivate donors.

Communicate your performance metrics to your donors by simplifying the numbers into easily digestible forms. Often, that means producing a visual representation of the trend or statistic.

Determine Your Target Audience!

Identify the audiences who will be using the data and choose components that will appeal to them.
Some information may be helpful to a variety of groups, including board members and donors. Ensure you create reports relevant to each stakeholder group that will assist you and your organisation in carrying out their responsibilities.

Is Your Financial Close and Reporting Process Too Manual?

Another issue that most non-profit organisations face is that they continue to devote a significant amount of time each month to activities involving the calculation, manipulation, and validation of critical financial data. Organisations need to re-consider the time invested in the financial reporting process, and consider the impact the automation of tasks will have on reducing manual activities, freeing up time to focus on key objectives.

The Sage Intacct solution can assist you in meeting reporting requirements and automating financial processes, so that you can concentrate on your mission.

With increased demands for transparency, accountability, monitoring and evaluation, non-profits must focus on improving their use of data in decision-making and reporting.

Download the eBook on Non-profit Storytelling with Metrics

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