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Sage Intacct Non-profit Success Story


Africa Foundation is a non-profit organisation that empowers communities and enables conservation.
They partner with Governments, the private sector and rural communities living in, or close to, conservation areas. Africa Foundation develops sustainable projects that involve these communities and contribute to conserving Africa’s land and wildlife.

As the quotation from Nelson Mandela on their website says: “Ultimately conservation is about people. If you donʼt have sustainable development around these parks, then people will have no interest in them, and the parks will not survive.”

Why they invested in a cloud-based ERP solution

The organisation had been using Sage Accpac (now called Sage 300) for financial management and a separate system for project management. They wanted to manage their accounting and projects in a single cloud solution.

Their main objectives were to:

  • Reduce the costs of managing and maintaining their accounting system.
  • Automate processes and eliminate manual interventions as much as possible.
  • Have a single database and system to manage Finance and Projects.
  • Ensure efficient reporting that provides accurate reports. Ultimately, they sought to improve decision-making by providing managers with access to centralised and real-time information.
  • They wanted to achieve greater visibility of financial data and key metrics. This would help them to report on the allocation of donor funds.

“I’ve really seen benefits working with Sage Intacct.
Especially, the fact that the data is live and we can drill down into
a transaction to correct a mistake immediately while sitting in a meeting.”
– Heather Stander , Financial Manager

Africa Foundation

How Sage Intacct suits a non-profit organisation

Sage Intacct supports multi-currency transactions and global consolidations – important functionality for an organisation working across regions. Africa Foundation implemented the basic project tracking and spend management in Sage Intacct, essential functionality for a project-based organisation.

Gillian Pacheco, project manager for the implementation said, “My staff – their minds are blown. There are so many things that they used to do that they don’t do because this system integrates finance with projects. We’re just clicking a button that says convert.” Download the full case study.


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