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SynergERP’s SAICA training…

… is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Change lives through technology and be part of the SynergERP success story by honing your skills in the SynergERP CA Training Programme. As a trainee, you’re encouraged to work smarter, not harder. SynergERP is an accredited training office with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). Our goal is to offer a solid foundation for your future CA career and to provide you with the necessary guidance and tools to ensure that you acquire the necessary skills in the field.

In this blog, SynergERP’s Chief Technology Officer, Fritz van der Westhuizen, talks about this valuable training opportunity at SynergERP.

SynergERP offers chartered accountants or associate general accountants articles in management decision-making and control electives. This is a great way for individuals to be exposed to the business processes of different industries and gain the experience of working with software to improve these processes.

Exhilarating business environment

According to Fritz, the drawback with auditing is that it becomes repetitive. From an operational point of view, auditing doesn’t really add value to a business. Most chartered accountants use auditing as a springboard to get to know companies and different industries but in reality, it only affords them a superficial insight. SAICA training and the insights from ERP consulting provide a more in-depth involvement with the client’s business processes and how to improve them. ERP consulting includes not only putting together a system that adds value to the business but actually implementing it – not only suggesting changes but being a part of it.

Different from the regular CA route

Fritz says that compared with the regular CA route, doing articles through an ERP consulting company is much more focused, specific and dynamic. The person can also benefit from the in-depth industry knowledge and exposure they receive. As a consultant, they play a part in designing the solutions and implementing them. There is also a specific focus on the software aspect and how to use it to improve clients’ lives. Advances in technology are rapidly changing and making this experience vital for the future.

The training process

SynergERP has a rigorous recruitment process and an in-house recruiter. Fritz says the company looks for people with the right aptitude and attributes, not just qualifications, and people who enjoy constant learning and growing. He says such people are driven to obtain results and enjoy simplifying and improving processes and efficiencies with the software.

SynergERP’s processes are geared towards skilling up trainees as quickly as possible with on-the-job training being the main focus. SynergERP also has numerous training resources and trainees can grow as much and as quickly as they are willing to put in the effort to do so.

If you are looking for an exciting postgraduate opportunity in the software and technology industry, then this is for you.

Apply for our CA training programme today and start your journey with us.

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