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Improve employee management with Cloud HR

When Sage surveyed 1000 small to medium size businesses in 2021, they found that 70% of payroll and HR professionals intended to move to cloud software.

The expectations of cloud HR solutions include
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Intuitive to use
  • Offer online support

Specialist cloud payroll and HR systems offer all this plus, benefits such as automated tax calculations and direct links to banks and tax authorities.


What our clients say about the Sage HR & Payroll

These are some of the improvements our clients were seeking when they approached us for new systems:

  • Need to reduce paper-based admin
  • Simplify leave tracking
  • Ability to scale the workforce up and down, and manage contractors
  • Ensure the accuracy of payroll
  • Comply with ever-changing regulations
  • Manage employees across multiple companies and regions

FullServe currently manages HR & Payroll with Sage 300 People. These were their comments on how they moved away from paper-based HR admin, simplified leave and managed employees in multiple companies.

“ With the move to Sage 300 People, the objective for HR administration was to move from paper-based activities to paperless. It has always been paper, paper, paper which increases the chance that documents can get lost.

Now everything is in the system and easy to find.

It is now easy to track leave taken and employees can log in to the employee self-service at any time and see their information. ”

– Jane Maluleka , HR Administrative Manager

“Previously in Sage VIP Premier, we had to log into each company to run the payroll. Now payroll for all companies can be managed from one screen by applying the relevant filters for each company. This has simplified the payroll processes.”

– Eunice Mahlatji, Payroll Administrator at FullServe


THINK is currently using Sage 300 People. This is their feedback on how they manage their remote workforce, contract employees and payroll:

Trevor Mvundura, CFO at THINK said:

“THINK has an organisational culture they describe as “freedom of responsibility”, which means that employees may work as they choose if they meet the required outputs and deadlines. This meant that they required a cloud solution that would support this culture, empowering the
team to work from anywhere, anytime…

For HR management, because of the way that the organisation operates, most employees are on fixed-term contracts that align with projects. THINK required the ability to easily update contracts running over different periods and manage projects with different staffing requirements…

In choosing Sage 300 People to manage HR and Payroll, THINK ensured that their HR function could easily be integrated with their finance function, and payroll could be managed internally going forward.”

Other features our clients ask for

Many of our clients like to build an organogram which provides a visual of current positions and open positions. In Sage 300 People users can build an Org Chart using Org Plus or Visio.

Automation & Integrations

SynergERP has integrated Sage HR solutions with a number of time-tracking and application-tracking systems.

By combining a Sage HR & Payroll solution with SimplifyHR you have a complete solution for human resource management. These applications cover the full employee life cycle from recruitment to onboarding, payroll to employee self-service.


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